Staged To Sell

staged-to-sell-exterior-frontReally, “Less is more.” This is not just a popular, artistic saying. It is a design truth…especially when it is time to sell a house. When advised to declutter and depersonalize the home in preparation for selling make a pass through the house, stand back, look, and make another pass at removing more. When professionally photographed for a listing care needs to be taken to allow the eyes to focus on the space and not items within the space. There is a fine line between giving purpose to a room with a few staged items and overloading the view of the potential sale.

From the front of the house to the back yard all spaces of the home need to be treated with the same care. Keep the yard and bushes all trimmed and watered. Remove most items which would normally require dusting. Either wrap personal photographs or outdated art with current complimentary fabric or remove them altogether. Don’t forget to hide electrical cords where you can, make sure all towels are neatly folded. Finally turn on every light in the house.