Multi-Generational Living

Much is being said about multi-generational living, but here is a family actually doing it! ?This sweet couple has rearranged their entire bathroom to better accommodate the needs of their aging mother. ?We did a few obvious but extremely needed modifications to the typical spec builder bathroom. ?First, there was a doorway to the water closet which only made entering this area a challenge for any one needing assistance let alone an average-sized adult. ?Once we removed the door we also removed the wall to make a more open area around the toilet which was fitted with assistance bars as well. ?We also took advantage of spaces we could use or storage and maxed out their ability to place multiple categories of items such as linens, toiletries, bedding, medical supplies and medicine.

The shower was also a very high priority for this family. ?Once we removed the infrequently used master bathtub the space was quite large and afforded many more design options based on the needs of the family. ?We created a bench within the shower functional enough to allow the elderly parent to sit while enjoying bathing herself while also making the shower large enough to allow assistance inside the shower. ?She can bath herself as the shower faucet is located in a very convenient spot right next to the bench. ?Additionally there is a separate shower head for more traditional showering.

Lighting is such an important feature at all places within a bathroom. ? Natural light was added to compliment the fixtures in the bathroom. ?This makes the activities in the bathroom that much more pleasant not to mention safe. ?Safety must be a top priority in any bathroom with the added risk of water and greater opportunity for slipping. ?To continue with the light and bright theme which is greater function than form we chose a light pallet of colors. ?They are so soothing.