Austin High Rise High Rise

Most of our remodeling projects have been for owners of traditional homes, these being a single or two-story house. Recently our work took us to a multi-story condominium building in the heart of one of the fastest growing parts of downtown Austin. At first glance this task would not appear to be all that noteworthy. This remodel of the bathroom did, after all, have the usual tub, shower, toilet, and cabinets. The main difference for the process involved challenges related to things we usually take for granted. Never mind the restrictions by the homeowners association which involved limited hours of operation and only using the elevator located on the opposite side of the building from our clients residence. The largest challenge was not having a water source to efficiently use with our wet saw or keep up with the constant cleaning we do. There is also a limited amount of space as we cannot take the wet saw or any other tools or product out to the back yard or the driveway when several stories in the air. Also related to water is the caution we must take to not disturb the sprinkler system. That would prove disastrous! And finally, if you have ever been downtown trying to park for extended amounts of time you know what a challenge that can be. While there is much to consider about remodeling a condo downtown we are able and willing to continue to include this type of project in our repertoire. Our greatest benefit to the challenges besides working with a phenomenal homeowner was making a good friend out of the receiving agent in the basement of the building.