Picking Paint Colors

paint-swatchesWho will help me? This depends on who you have on your “team” already. If you have a contractor they may or may not have a designer on staff ready to help you with this selection. Let’s say you do have a contractor but they don’t have a staff member qualified to help you. Hire a designer. It may be the best hour you spend as there is a good chance you may have an opportunity to think about other colors you had not thought about before.

Be aware! The old saying, “One size fits all” does not apply with paint colors. You may have a friend who has used a color recently and is thrilled with the way it looks in their house. There is a slim chance this color will also do your home the same favor. There are several factors to consider in your own setting such as what I call “the givens.” These are items such as flooring (existing or new), furniture/cabinetry, art, lighting (natural and augmented), and of course style or taste.

I often ask people what colors they like? If you aren’t really sure pay attention to the clothes you wear. Taking a look in your closet will be a very clear idea of what you like to surround yourself with. Often times we like the way a color looks on us, and this is also a good clue to what color direction one might successfully head. Of course, it needs to compliment the “givens” listed above.

Trends are fun to take part in, but if your under tones in the rest of the space are strong in a particular color spectrum adding a currently popular wall color may throw everything off. Please do remember, this is just paint. If you don’t want a professional’s help and venture into your own decision making, just try it. If you don’t like the color you can try again.